Monday, May 2, 2011

my weekend

We had our first weekend in Winnipeg, and lets say it was less than eventful. Now that this is my 3rd summer as a "Vivint wife" im used to not having Adam around to spend my weekends with. Or weekdays for that matter. So Tenley and I did lots of running around, and figuring out different part of this city. Let me say, nothing here has impressed me yet. Saturday rained all day and would not let up. I needed to do a serious grocery shop, because I had no food in the house, and i felt like a bad wife, sending Adam off to work without a lunch in hand. The rain was horrendous but the shopping couldn't wait. So we left the house, and headed to Superstore... (which i was THRILLED to find one close to our house, because I thought we only had a safeway close by, and I'm completely loyal to superstore.) anyways, I have never gone grocery shopping by myself since Tenley was born. Lucky me right? Adam and I always do the groceries together and I totally took that for granted. How do moms with more than one child do this?! oh well, i survived.
Sunday is my favourite day of the week, because I get Adam all to myself and actually get time to sit and have a conversation that lasts longer than 20 min before we fall asleep at the end of the night. So Sunday Adam and i spent all day together and it was wonderful. We have a few of Adams siblings living in Winnipeg aswell, so i took advantage of the many willing babysitters and handed Tenley off to my sister in law, as we left and scouted out area for next week. I think i have only left Tenley once before, so the whole time we were gone i was pretty paranoid. I didnt want to show that i was thinking about how she was doing the whole time, and just wanted to enjoy the time Adam and I had alone. When we got home, I was so happy to see my baby and that she was very happy with her aunts :)
so here we are... another monday, and another week begins. I dont want this post to come off like im complaining, because im totally not! im so grateful that adam works as hard as he does for these 4 months, and that I get so much time with him the other 8 months of the year.
oh, on another note, im getting rid of this brown hair tomorrow! i cant wait to get back to my blonde "roots"

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