Monday, May 2, 2011

favourite things

i have come to love a few new things recently and feel the need to share!!
iv always been into makeup and all things girlie, and iv tried A LOT of different beauty products and have come to find the best of the best!! so here are a few awesome products that are in my makeup bag, and i cant really live without.
i love a great tinted moisturizer. for days when i dont want to wear a heavy foundation i opt for a lightweight tinted moisturizer called Smooth Operator by Tarte. the SPF 20 makes for the right amount of coverage and a great way to get part of your sunscreen fix for the day. Tarte is an organic, natural product line. I love that their products are paraben free, but at the same time, still allows for an even complexion, and a natural look. often Paraben free products dont give great coverage, but i dont find that with the Tarte moisturizer.
My favourite bronzer that i use everyday is called Hoola by Benefit. I love that for my fair skin, it isnt too dark, and there is no shimmer to it, making it look more natural.
My mascara changes all the time, and i usually have 2 or 3 on the go. (which i dont recommend because the life of mascara isn't long, therefor they dry out when you use more than one at a time) but i LOVE Bad Gal Lash also by benefit. I have long lashes but they are very fine, so the GIANT wand helps thicken my eye lashes.
The blush im diggin right now is called CORALista by benefit. its a warm coral pinkish colour, and gives a bit of a dewy, summer look. LOVE!
one more thing i love is my Dr Pepper Lip Smacker. cant live without it, love it love it love it!!
I have so many more favourite things, but this will do for now.


  1. Wow, you're changing things up a bit and it looks very cute! I've never seen that picture before, I really like it.
    Good tips! Next you'll have to post about hair products and perfume because I know your expertise goes well beyod just make-up ;)

  2. Saren,

    I Love your new picture of Adam and you!!!! so cute!!!

  3. hahaha... the whole time I was reading this I was like... "oooh sweet I have that" "ahh I love that too" then I realized our make up bags look the exact same because I go make up shopping with you


    PS I can comment from 1 out of 4 comps I've tried


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