Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Life List

here is my life list. a list of 100 things i want to accomplish in my lifetime.
I got this neat idea from one of my favourite blogs

1oo things was REALLY hard to come up with. Sad, i know. It took me quite a while to actually think of things i would LOVE to do. I encourage others to write their own life list, because you will learn so much about yourself.
Mine are in no particular order, but just as they come to me.

1. Travel to Korea with my husband
2. Live in New York City
3. Have a picnic in Central Park
4. Do a Masater Cleanse for two weeks
5. Take a picture of the Mona Lisa, in person... in the Louvre... in Paris... right after I climbed all 1665 steps of the Eiffel Tower.
6. Ride a horse bareback through the ocean (done)
7. Get over my extream fear of horse back riding
8. Take a relaxing vacation with just my sisters
9. Learn how to sew really well
10. Make a quilt for one of my babies
11. Learn how to use my DSLR and take really great photographs
12. Go to Africa and ride on the back of an elephant
13. Attend New York Fashion Week
14. Drive across an entire country
15. Go whale watching and actually see one. or two. or three.
16. Go through the temple with all of my children.
17. Do the make up for a magazine spread
18. Hear my daughters first words
19. Complete a 365.
20. Scuba Diving (CHECK)
21. Grow a vegetable garden in my backyard
22. Have a baby (CHECK)
23. Witness a loved one give birth
24. Own a Boutique
25. Live on a house boat
26. Go to a Temple Dedication
27. Meet a living prophet
28. Make a dress from a REAL pattern
29. Walk down East Hastings Street in Vancouver. (i tried this once before, but chickend out)
30. Dance in the pouring rain with my husband
31. Complete a triathlon.
32. Have a star named after me
33. See a broadway show
34. Meet and talk to Oprah
35. Sky Diving (CHECK)
36. Learn how to surf
37. Live like a local in a place completely foreign to me
38. climb an active volcano
39. Do the Polar Bear swim
40. Go skinny-dipping at midnight in the south of France
41. Send a message in a bottle
42. Find a message in a bottle
43. Fall deeply in love- helplessly and unconditionally (CHECK)
44. Sit on a jury
45. Own a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes
46. Live in a big, old, house in the country, and decorate it exactly how i want
47. Attend a real gospel church
48. Watch my kids succeed
49. Cook a Christmas dinner by myself
50. Sit under a waterfall
51. Become really good friends with a neighbor
52. Serve a mission with my husband
53. Tour the Coliseum
54. Change someones life
55. Watch all of the "Lord of the Rings" movies
56. Go to the Georgia Aquarium- worlds largest
57. Go to Uluru National Park in Australia
58. Vacation to Bora Bora and stay in a hut on the water
59. Catch a fish with my bare hands... which totally freaks me out
60. Learn more about my Family History
61. Take a culinary class
62. Sleep under the stars, not in a tent
63. Make pickled onions for my family
64. Fill my passport
65. Learn to play the piano
66. Make a perfume
67. Do a backflip on a trampoline
68. Enjoy a gondola ride in Venice
69. Donate blood. I have never been able to, but one day hope I can.
70. Go on a Safari in Africa
71. Send my parents on a vacation
72. Help plan a wedding- all the little details
73. plant and grow my own flower garden
74. Make exercising everyday a habit and a joy
75. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
76. Go on a one horse open sleigh right
77. Host a dinner party
78. Find the PERFECT red lipstick
79. Visit 20 different temples, and not all in Utah. (8 down, 12 to go)
80. Have a big wrap around porch with a swing, and enjoy it with my husband
81. Ride on Maid of the Mist (CHECK)
82. Stand at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (CHECK)
83. Watch sea turtles hatch
84. Hang off the side of a cable car in San Fran.
85. Ride a bicycle built for two
86. Send 100 handwritten notes
87. Always be a stay at home mom
88. Be on Oprahs Favourite Things show (it obviously cant happen now, but I can still dream)
89. Organize and event for charity
90. Fund another families trip to the temple
91. Take a picture on the Great Wall of China
92. Swim in or step foot in all 5 oceans
93. See a Polar bear (outside of a zoo)
94. Climb a coconut tree
95. Adopt a child
96. Live in a house with a pool so my kids can grow up with one like i did
97. Build a tree house, then spend the night in it.
98. Go to an outdoor concert
99. Attend a Coldplay concert
100. Be content with myself

this list took me about 4 days to complete... but im so happy with it. Go ahead and make your own :)

"Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross


  1. i didnt mean to post it yet!! im onviously still working on it :) stay tuned

  2. haha... I was about to say... you're about 53 items too short of your full 100 list haha!

  3. its coming! definitely a work in progress. its taken me about 3 days and im not done yet, but i dont know how to delete what i posted too soon lol

  4. Great idea Saren! I started something like this when I was in high school, but I've accomplished a lot of those goals now and should totally make a new list!


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