Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Acts of love

I saw the cutest elderly couple in a parking lot today. The little old man was taking a huge wheelchair out of the trunk of his car, along with the many pieces it came with. He was attaching all four wheels, and the handles. This clearly was not a very modern chair, and he seemed so farmiliar with how it all worked. His cute little wife sat patiently in the passenger seat with her stocking covered feet hanging outside of the car. She seemed to be quite used to the routine as well. Once he was done assembling the wheelchair he slowly walked it over to her and lifted her out of the car and into the chair he had spent about 10 minutes working on. She looked up at him with a smile on her face and with what I could see were no words, but so clearly a "thank you" was given and received. This couple had to have been in their mid-late 80's and probably have been together for close to 60 years! (of course this part of the story I'm just speculating but it sounds reasonable) it touched my heart to see such love and devotion to one another after all those years. It reminded me of my own grandparents and the example of love and commitment they are to me. In my grandmas last years, my grandpa dedicated his life to helping her and making her life easier. For years she supported him as they raised a family and he worked, and when it came time to support her while she struggled with daily tasks he was there without complaint. Such a simple act in the Walmart parking lot, and something that little old couple probably would never think twice about, really touched me and made me want to work harder for those I love.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So excited to finally be able to say...

Lots to update, but I'll start with the most important. Adam and I are expecting baby #2!! My last post was about my new diagnosis, and how scary that was for me. Well since then I did an intense cleanse, and have had several follow up ultrasounds to monitor the cysts. Shortly after my Cleanse I had an ultrasound that showed a significant decrease in the amount of cysts on my ovaries. (sorry tmi) my doctor was quite pleased with how everything was looking and how my nearly 17 cysts had decreased to only a few and that the ones that were still hanging around had shrunk by more than half. I was so excited, and my spirits were up and more hopeful than ever that we could have a really good chance at getting pregnant. Shortly after that, my grandma passed away. It was such a sad time for my family, especially since I have never lost a grandparent, I had no idea what it would feel like when one would actually leave us here on earth. The morning my grandma passed, I had an overwhelming feeling that I was pregnant. I didn't want to take a test, and then have to tell my family great news in a time where we all needed to grieve. So I set my feelings aside for a few days. I flew home that same day to be with my family and to be able to go to her funeral. It was an amazing week full of so many spiritual experiences I won't ever forget. A few days after the funeral, and all the chaos of that week had passed I took a test and sure enough it was positive!! I felt so blessed and took a few more tests just to let it sink in:) We are so thrilled to welcome a new sweet baby into our family. This pregnancy has been polar opposite from my first. Every pregnancy symptom you can think of, I'm experiencing this time around whereas with tenley it was such a breeze. I'm so anxious to know what this little guy or girl will look like, what kind of personality he/she will have, will this baby be as funny and crazy as tenley?? She is going to be such a great sister, I can already tell. She loves kids so much and nothing makes her more excited as having kids around to play with. So I'm 12 weeks now, and due on December 7. Tenleys birthday is dec. 12, so it's going to be an extra busy month For us. We couldnt be more excited!!!

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