Monday, June 27, 2011

Sundays are the BEST days

Oh Sunday how I love you.

Yesterday was pretty much a perfect day. It was simple, not busy, relaxing, and I spent it with my favourite people - the hubs and the babe.

With this crazy life we live each summer, Sundays are so precious to me and I want to savor every moment.
Not everyone knows why we leave Calgary every summer and go to random places so let me explain.
Adam works for Vivint. The best company ever, and I am BEYOND grateful for the opportunity we have to be a part of it. He is a door to door sales man, and hes amazing at it. He is a manager, and sells Home security, or "Home Automation" as they now call it, but really, what is that? So home security it is. For us, its a year round job, but the program is run mostly in the summer months, and our office is "relocated" every summer. The draft is in the beginning of the year, so in January we find out where our home will be from april-september. Its the hardest job in the world, and its stressful, and emotional, and crazy.
I know door to door guys have a bad rap, but seriously people, I couldn't LIVE without my alarm. So if he knocks on your door, let him in cause hes really cool, and your bound to love him too.

This is us when I sold a few years ago.

Sidenote: Adam recently got an email from the CEO of Vivint saying how an older man he sold last year in Halifax was SAVED from his Medical Pendant after a fall down his stairs, and how grateful he was for Adam and for Vivint. When Adam goes out knocking doors everyday, I know hes doing good work, but its great to hear that a service he has provided has really helped someone else. Its such a good feeling :)
Horray Adam!!!

Anyways, hubs is gone a lot, and we dont get to spend too much time together during these months, but its a pretty good trade off since I get him home with me the other 8 months of the year, and dont have to share him with anyone! ha!

Right now hes working morning to night, weekends and holidays, and even when hes home, lets face it, hes working. (but we're working on that)
During the week, we spend about 2 hours together in the morning, and he doesnt get home til around 11pm at the earliest! so our time together is obviously limited. Saturdays are super long, as he leaves the house at 8:15am and again, i dont see him until 11pm.
So now you see why I LOVE and cherish Sundays. We spent the day at church, then went for a nice walk along the Assinabione River, and a little drive around Winnipeg, where adam showed me all the sketchy places in the North. FUN! Seriously, it was just what I needed to recharge, and get ready for the next 9 weeks here. I can honestly say that the last 9 weeks have sailed by, and I hope the second half goes by just as fast. I MISS CALGARY! and I MISS MY HOUSE! I really dont care where I live as long as its with Adam, but the more places we move to, the more I appreciate and love Calgary.
So here we go again. Another week.
Is it Sunday yet?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have a best friend

I have a best friend
Shes a great listener.
Keeps all my secrets (and I tell her all of them)
She thinks im pretty funny, and laughs at ALL my jokes.
Shes always up for going anywhere I want to and usually doesn't complain.
You might not want to cross her when shes tired- she might yell at you, but she means well.
When Im sad, she makes me happy.
Shes constantly making me smile.
She can be a little needy, but all she needs is a little love.

Shes 6 months old, and I adore her.

My best friend and I spend a lot of time together. tons actually. All day everyday its just the two of us.
Sometimes I complain about not getting any time to myself, or I talk about how HARD it is to run a simple errand now.
But today when I was rocking my baby to sleep, all this emotion swept over me and all I could do was cry. Tears of absolute JOY of course. I didn't want to put her down, or ever let her go.
I started thinking about how amazingly blessed I am to have her here with me, all day, everyday. She is now what i live for, and I wouldnt have it any other way. I think of all the deserving mothers who maybe cant have little ones, or the parents who have lost their children to unfortunate events, and my heart breaks for them.
Tenley is my miracle, and I hope to never take her for granted.
So give me all the dirty diapers, the barf on my new shirt, the 3am feeds. Ill take it all. Because I cant live without her.
That infectious smile, those CHUBBY knees, her giant laugh, the way she gently moves her hand across my face, studying it so closely as I feed her. That little tongue that makes an appearance when shes concentrating hard on something, the songs she sings when shes laying in her crib, all by herself, the way she rolls her ankles and moves her feet. I couldn't live without any of it.
So even if HER best friend is a little Giraffe named Sophie, I love my sweet baby, and she will always be my best friend.

Monday, June 20, 2011

fathers day

With yesterday being fathers day, i thought id tell you about the great men and fathers in my life.
I missed my dad yesterday. well I miss him everyday, but especially on a day dedicated to him.
My dad is so kind and full of so much love.
He is SO caring and gentle, and loves his children.
My Dad is hard working. maybe a little too hard working.
The way he loves my mom is so admirable, and adorable, and because of him I have always had extremely high standards of what a husband and father should be like.
I am so glad that I have SO many wonderful memories of just me and my dad.
When I was younger, my dad was my baseball coach, and he was always so involved in whatever it was that I wanted to do.
I was a competitive swimmer growing up and my dad was my BIGGEST fan. He drove me to early morning practice, late night practice, and every swim meet. I dont know if he ever missed even one. I could always count on him being there in the stands cheering me on, and being RIGHT there after my race to hand me my gatorade, water and crackers.

One of the memories I hold most dear is baking his famous chocolate chip cookies, and listening to Rubber Soul. Him and I always did that together. I can remember dancing around and singing "drive my car" or "michelle" or "you wont see me" and in those moments I felt like I was the only girl in my daddys world. Looking back, im not sure if he did that with all my sisters, but its definitely MY memory, and in my head, that is something that only him and I share.
Although there were a few years that I drove him absolutely crazy, and was probably the cause of the majority of his baldness, he has never stopped loving me, and for that I thank him.

Everyday I wake up and have to pinch myself when I see my amazing husband laying there beside me. I am one lucky girl, and my daughter has an amazing dad. From the day Tenley was born, she and Adam had an amazing connection, that anyone who spent any time around the both of them could see. He loves her so much, and my favourite thing in the world is when I get to watch them together. oh, and I sware she is already a daddys girl. She cant take her eyes off of Adam when he walks in the room, and smiles ear to ear when hes around.
Adam works so hard for our family and I know that everything he does, he does it for us. Tenley and all our other future kiddies will have a father who adores them, makes them laugh, encourage them to reach for the stars, and they undoubtedly will have him wrapped around their little fingers.
I cant wait for our kids to create wonderful memories with Adam, and grow up wanting to be just like him.
I am so thankful to my mother and father in law for raising a man who respects women, loves others, is not quick to judge, has a sense of humor, is hard working, humble, who loves to serve others, has tremendous faith, forgiving, and has a heart of gold.
I dont know how I ever lived my life without him, and I feel so blessed that we get to spend eternity together.

So heres to great men, and celebrating their greatness everyday.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I always tell people how great a sleeper my little Tenley is. Which is true to a certain extent.... she (usually) sleeps all night through, and I`m so grateful for that, but the thing i dont usually share is that it takes me forever to GET her to sleep, and all of the `props`i have used to get her there.

When she was first born, and I was sleep deprived, coupled with PP depression, I would do anything, and use anything to get her to stay asleep. That means, she now feeds to sleep, and she also sleeps IN her swing every night. I hate admitting that, but at the time when the only thing i needed was a few minutes to myself, that swing was my BEST friend.
I have now created a monster.. a really cute monster.
Once she is asleep, she will stay asleep all night for the most part, but lately it has been taking me 6-8 attemps, lasting hours upon hours to actually get her to fall asleep. I know she is dead tired, but the poor girl just cant fall asleep on her own. She is now at the point where taking the bottle out of her mouth wakes her. Great... now what!!
Its getting to the point where from 8-11pm I am trying to put an exhausted little girl to bed, and when Adam gets home from a long day of work, im miserable,exhausted, frustrated and probably very unpleasant to be around.
So last week I decided to let my sweet baby cry it out. I have wrestled with this idea for weeks now, but for my own sanity I had to do it. I have to start letting her fall asleep on her own, and definitely get her out of the swing.
So last week I let her CIO and I lasted a whole 45 minutes before i couldnt take it anymore, and gave in. I had to rescue her from the heart wrenching cries. I FAILED.
Another week went by of the 2-3 hour bed time, and I decided to give CIO another shot. So last night was day 1 of this method. I am happy to say, it went a lot better than i was expecting! I was fully committed this time, and was prepared to listen to her cry for hours... LUCKILY she only cried for 36 minutes! those 36 minutes felt like forever as I cried along with her, and wished I had ear plugs to block out the saddest cries ever. But i survived.
She slept until 6:30 the next morning, and I was so happy to cuddle her and smother her with kisses when I saw her.
Oh yea, shes also sleeping IN HER CRIB!! I couldnt be more happy about that. Most things I have read say that each night the crying lessens more and more, so the fact that she only cried for 36 minutes makes me very hopeful that tonight will be a little better than last night.

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