Monday, June 20, 2011

fathers day

With yesterday being fathers day, i thought id tell you about the great men and fathers in my life.
I missed my dad yesterday. well I miss him everyday, but especially on a day dedicated to him.
My dad is so kind and full of so much love.
He is SO caring and gentle, and loves his children.
My Dad is hard working. maybe a little too hard working.
The way he loves my mom is so admirable, and adorable, and because of him I have always had extremely high standards of what a husband and father should be like.
I am so glad that I have SO many wonderful memories of just me and my dad.
When I was younger, my dad was my baseball coach, and he was always so involved in whatever it was that I wanted to do.
I was a competitive swimmer growing up and my dad was my BIGGEST fan. He drove me to early morning practice, late night practice, and every swim meet. I dont know if he ever missed even one. I could always count on him being there in the stands cheering me on, and being RIGHT there after my race to hand me my gatorade, water and crackers.

One of the memories I hold most dear is baking his famous chocolate chip cookies, and listening to Rubber Soul. Him and I always did that together. I can remember dancing around and singing "drive my car" or "michelle" or "you wont see me" and in those moments I felt like I was the only girl in my daddys world. Looking back, im not sure if he did that with all my sisters, but its definitely MY memory, and in my head, that is something that only him and I share.
Although there were a few years that I drove him absolutely crazy, and was probably the cause of the majority of his baldness, he has never stopped loving me, and for that I thank him.

Everyday I wake up and have to pinch myself when I see my amazing husband laying there beside me. I am one lucky girl, and my daughter has an amazing dad. From the day Tenley was born, she and Adam had an amazing connection, that anyone who spent any time around the both of them could see. He loves her so much, and my favourite thing in the world is when I get to watch them together. oh, and I sware she is already a daddys girl. She cant take her eyes off of Adam when he walks in the room, and smiles ear to ear when hes around.
Adam works so hard for our family and I know that everything he does, he does it for us. Tenley and all our other future kiddies will have a father who adores them, makes them laugh, encourage them to reach for the stars, and they undoubtedly will have him wrapped around their little fingers.
I cant wait for our kids to create wonderful memories with Adam, and grow up wanting to be just like him.
I am so thankful to my mother and father in law for raising a man who respects women, loves others, is not quick to judge, has a sense of humor, is hard working, humble, who loves to serve others, has tremendous faith, forgiving, and has a heart of gold.
I dont know how I ever lived my life without him, and I feel so blessed that we get to spend eternity together.

So heres to great men, and celebrating their greatness everyday.

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