Monday, June 27, 2011

Sundays are the BEST days

Oh Sunday how I love you.

Yesterday was pretty much a perfect day. It was simple, not busy, relaxing, and I spent it with my favourite people - the hubs and the babe.

With this crazy life we live each summer, Sundays are so precious to me and I want to savor every moment.
Not everyone knows why we leave Calgary every summer and go to random places so let me explain.
Adam works for Vivint. The best company ever, and I am BEYOND grateful for the opportunity we have to be a part of it. He is a door to door sales man, and hes amazing at it. He is a manager, and sells Home security, or "Home Automation" as they now call it, but really, what is that? So home security it is. For us, its a year round job, but the program is run mostly in the summer months, and our office is "relocated" every summer. The draft is in the beginning of the year, so in January we find out where our home will be from april-september. Its the hardest job in the world, and its stressful, and emotional, and crazy.
I know door to door guys have a bad rap, but seriously people, I couldn't LIVE without my alarm. So if he knocks on your door, let him in cause hes really cool, and your bound to love him too.

This is us when I sold a few years ago.

Sidenote: Adam recently got an email from the CEO of Vivint saying how an older man he sold last year in Halifax was SAVED from his Medical Pendant after a fall down his stairs, and how grateful he was for Adam and for Vivint. When Adam goes out knocking doors everyday, I know hes doing good work, but its great to hear that a service he has provided has really helped someone else. Its such a good feeling :)
Horray Adam!!!

Anyways, hubs is gone a lot, and we dont get to spend too much time together during these months, but its a pretty good trade off since I get him home with me the other 8 months of the year, and dont have to share him with anyone! ha!

Right now hes working morning to night, weekends and holidays, and even when hes home, lets face it, hes working. (but we're working on that)
During the week, we spend about 2 hours together in the morning, and he doesnt get home til around 11pm at the earliest! so our time together is obviously limited. Saturdays are super long, as he leaves the house at 8:15am and again, i dont see him until 11pm.
So now you see why I LOVE and cherish Sundays. We spent the day at church, then went for a nice walk along the Assinabione River, and a little drive around Winnipeg, where adam showed me all the sketchy places in the North. FUN! Seriously, it was just what I needed to recharge, and get ready for the next 9 weeks here. I can honestly say that the last 9 weeks have sailed by, and I hope the second half goes by just as fast. I MISS CALGARY! and I MISS MY HOUSE! I really dont care where I live as long as its with Adam, but the more places we move to, the more I appreciate and love Calgary.
So here we go again. Another week.
Is it Sunday yet?

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