Monday, May 16, 2011

Crisis Averted!

5.... count them, 5 Iphones!! Thats how many I have gone through in the past 3 years. I have had them stolen, or I break them, but most of the time I just lose them.
I have really bad pregnancy brain, but I think I had it long before I was pregnant.

Today I lost my phone again. Not just misplaced it somewhere in my purse and cant find it, but actually lost it. Or so I thought.
I had gone only two places. I retraced all my steps. Checked all the usual spots where I normally leave my phone and NOTHING. I called it about 32 times from the landline and I was getting no where. Of course my phone is always on silent which doesn't make sense for someone who loses it 10 times a day. I called Adam from the landline and vented all my frustration about how I am the worst phone owner and should never be allowed another phone for as long as I live, and how mad I was that i could not for the LIFE of me think of where it could be. Adam, being the calm and collected of the two of us, says " well we will just have to buy you a new phone. if you think you have looked everywhere, and its no where to be found then theres not much you can do. Hopefully a good samaritan will pick it up and call you back." (since I had called it 32 times) That answer was not what i was looking for. I dont know what I was expecting him to say. Afterall, he has been at work since 9am... how would he know where my phone was?! The current *lost* Iphone has only been in my possession for about 4 weeks, so the thought of throwing another 6 or 7 hundred dollars down the drain was NOT exciting. I decided to call my dad and tell him my sad news... I had to vent to a few more people to get this out of my system.
I had a bright idea, and asked my dad to call my phone for me while I ran out to the car to see if I could hear it vibrating... I had done this like 5 times already but thought it couldn't hurt.
Then voila... my phone was under Tenleys car seat. Im not sure why it was there, but Im not going to question it.
Crisis Averted.
For someone who loses their phone on a daily basis, I sure was over reacting for a better part of the evening. Instantly that yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach was gone and I could relax!!
Im so good at overreacting :)

reunited and it feels so good


  1. Lol You make me Laugh!!!
    Adam is so good to you!! haha there is NO WAY rob would let me get a new Iphone whenver I lost it. he would make me get just a normal cheep phone.

  2. Scary! I thought I lost my iPhone once....worst feeling ever...maybe you should just get a cheaper phone and then if you loose it it won't be such a big deal lol but iPhone are the best!

  3. I like you cover, where can I get one :)

  4. oops I didnt realize i was signed in on kirks google account. And that was suppose to be "your" cover. I need to go to bed...

  5. ADORABLE Iphone cover.... I can't believe you have had 5 phones in 3 years haha :) hahaha

  6. Woah. I seriously don't know where I (or my blog, for that matter) would be without my iPhone. So you just keep on replacin those phones, girl!

    Darling blog, btw. Love it :) Can I be your newest follower??? Ok, thanks!


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