Thursday, May 26, 2011

what would I do without a good hair stylist?!

You all know what it's like to find a hairdresser you love and then never want to let them go.
I know you do.
Well my dream hairdresser unfortunately lives 3 provinces away from me. :(
I have gone to a bazillion hair dressers in Calgary since I've lived there, and so far no one can do my hair like Johnna. I've been going to her since I was like 14, and she's awesome. Shes one of those stylists you tell all your dirty secrets to, and who knows all your bizz. (not that I have any dirty secrets but if i did, I would totally tell her)
Unfortunately I only get to see her when I go home to Burlington, and I need to get my hair done more than twice a year.
Well the time has come! I'm going home next week and my appointment is BOOKED!
It will be great to catch up with her since the last time I saw her was when she did my hair for my wedding.

dont mind the cheesy '2' in this pic... ugghh

Right now my hair is so weird. I got it done in Calgary right before we moved to the Peg and it's this weird brown/red/blonde. NOT what I asked for.

This is what I asked for

This is what I got.

Ok, so it could be worse, and this picture doesnt show how brown/red/blonde it really is. I just can't wait to have it fixed.
Some of my favourite cuts and colours have come from Johnnas chair, and im excited to have fresh new hair to surprise Adam with when I get back.

She did my hair right before my brother wedding and i loved it.

I need to get back to those platinum blonde roots!!

anyways, Johnna is pretty much the bees knees (thank you rach) and im so excited to have my hair done next week!!
(pictures to follow)

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