Friday, April 29, 2011


So I take it back... sort of. for the past few weeks, all this royal wedding business has been driving me nuts. Every time i turned on the TV there was some lame countdown, or talk about the royal wedding, and i wasn't buying it. Until today. I watched a few highlights of the wedding, and can honestly say it was fun to watch! i absolutely LOVED her dress. she looked like, well, a princess!! the lace and the pleats, and the veil were all so perfect!! She was stunning. And Will looked so handsome in his uniform. It made me think of my wedding, and all the things i would have done differently. Obviously the little things i would change now don't matter, and I loved my wedding day, but i really do wish i had payed more attention to the small details. I was so eager to start our lives together, and ended up throwing a wedding together in like 6 weeks. i didn't do all the things I probably would have liked to, but the important things happened, and now Adam and I are sealed in the temple for eternity, and i wouldn't change that for the world. I can say that im glad that all the royal wedding hype is over, and although the reruns will be showing for weeks, people can now go one with their lives!! i do love weddings, and especially fairy tale endings.

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