Monday, April 25, 2011


i really dont like being lost. Since we moved to Winnipeg, I'v had to drive around by myself trying to get to different places, and Im seriously BAD with directions. I cant read a map to save my life, I'm not great with landmarks, and I get extreamly anxious, and I have this irrational fear that I'll never make it home again. So far that hasn't happened. Since being here, I have gone to a few places that should have taken me 20 minutes to get there and it ends up taking me over an can see why i think im never getting home. Half the time I'm wondering if I'm even in Winnipeg anymore... Theres this amazing and kind of creepy app called Latitude. You add people and actually track EXACTLY where they are. weird right? I think I need to get this so that when I'm lost, I can call people and they can tell me how to get home. A GPS would be a great buy. That is on my list for tomorrow. Now only if I can make it to the Costco without getting lost...


  1. I've never understood how people use maps to get around, it's not like you can read them while you are driving so you would have to keep pulling over whenever you needed to know where your next turn was going to be, not to mention the time it takes to find yourself on the map everytime you look at it.
    GPS's are the best invention ever. (and electricity, and indoor plumbing. I can't imagine not having that...)
    Linds :)

  2. I died laughing when I read this.

    For the simple fact that I remembered that one time you called me at like 11pm on a friday night- you were going to pick Adam up from the airport but got lost. So I had to go to some random kids computer to google map where you were, then I mapquested you directions to the airport.

    haha.. I love it...and I love you!


  3. oh dear, i forgot about that!! that was so terrible haaha but so funny. thanks for your help


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