Friday, April 15, 2011

a quick update

Im finally going to start blogging!! iv wanted to for so long, but haven't been able to figure out how to make my page perfect and cute... and as you can see it definitely is not perfect or cute, but it will have to do for now until i figure it out.
So many exciting things are happening in our lives right now, and i get way too busy with everyday life to let everyone know whats going on, so this will be a great way to keep friends and family updated!
Adam, Tenley and I are moving to Winnipeg next week, and we'll be there until September. Adam and I have moved around together a lot, but not since we've had Tenley so im anxious to see how well she adjusts to our new home for the summer. Shes so easy going and laid back that im thinking she will be just fine. This time of year is always so crazy for us, as we get ready to leave for another selling season. Adam is so great at staying calm and relaxed, and he never shows that he stressed... even though i know he really is. Although we are leaving our new home that I love, I always get pretty excited for the summer and i really like moving to a different city every year. it makes life interesting.
leaving our house in Calgary is kinda sad because I'v become obsessed with decorating and trying to make our house look cute. I dont think i have really decided what my 'style' is, but im slowly getting there. iv done a few little home projects and bought some things that im really happy with. There are a few pieces of furniture that iv found that i want to refinish so badly, but cant do much until we have nice weather and that doesnt look like it will be happening before we leave :( so that will all have to wait.

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