Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Adam!

This is the second year in a row that Adam and I are apart on his birthday. Which is super sad because birthdays are pretty much my favourite thing.
Last year i didnt make his actual birthday very special because I thought we would just celebrate it when he came back. And we did, but I still feel bad that he didnt have anything to open on his birthday. bad wife.
So this year I had to think a little outside the box and figure out how I could get something to his hotel room in Prince Rupert BC. Im so happy with out these turned out, and thought it would be a nice gift for him to "open" on the day of his birth- The other parts of his present I will give to him when hes back home. But for now, here is mine and Tenleys way of saying happy birthday, and a few words about why I love him so much!

As i look back on my life, I cant help but realize its all been preparing me for you.
Everything good or bad, has brought me here, to this life we share.
I used to pray at night, that God would protect "you" and keep you safe until one day I would be able to take over. I didn't know who "you" were, but my heart was preparing me for a love only found in fairy tales.
When I met you, I knew my prayers had been answered.
You are far more than I deserve, and more than my wildest dreams could have dreamt.
Thank you for bringing laughter, joy, wonder, happiness, spontaneity, and love into my life.
You make each day worth living.
Your laugh and your smile light up my world.
Thank you for loving me even in my darkest hours.
And Adam, thank you for being born!
Thanks for making my life wonderful, and for giving me the greatest gift of all.
You my love, are one in a million.

Tenley and I had these birthday pictures taken for you, and we hope you love them!

WE LOVE YOU, and cant wait till you're home.


  1. So wonderful. What a lovely birthday gift.

  2. Best birthday gift I have ever received! :)


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