Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ergo Cocoon

Tenley will be 9 months next week!
How did this happen? I seriously feel like i just brought her home.

But with that said, I have swaddled her since the day she was born, and still swaddle her every nap, and every night.
Shes severely addicted.
She is QUITE OCD when it comes to her sleep habits, which is good and bad I suppose.
She can be super wired and playful, but the second I swaddle that girl up, she knows its nap time, and falls asleep in minutes.
But really, there is no way she will fall asleep without it (unless she falls asleep in her car seat which JUST started happening since our road trip from Winnipeg to Calgary)
I tried her in a sleep sack, and let me tell you it was a traumatic experience for her.
She just cried and cried and then when i went in to see her she would look at me like "mom, how could you do this to me?"
Everyday it gets harder and harder to swaddle her, because she fights it. She hates getting all wrapped up in her straight jacket, but its the only way she will sleep!
Today I found what I hope is the solution to my swaddling-a-9-month-old-baby problem.
its called the Ergo Cocoon.
so its a zip up baby swaddle that slowly converts into a sleep sac as the baby is ready.
(please excuse me if you all have heard of this and I'm totally out of the loop. It happens.)

So i will try it out today, and she how she likes it, and report back.

Any moms out there have a solution to their baby addicted to the swaddle problem? Cause at this rate i will be doing it till shes 10.

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  1. Neither of my girls would let me swaddle them, but Lindsay uses the cocoon and swears by it! Good luck!


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