Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Talk

Lately, a lot of my friends have been having babies or getting pregnant.
So obviously all this baby talk has got me thinking...
Iv been thinking about how soon I want to hop back on the pregnancy train, and about how much I really enjoyed being pregnant!
i know, i know, my baby is still VERY much a baby, and at 9 months old maybe i shouldn't be thinking about an already new addition, but its hard not to!
Adam and I always said that 2 years is a good amount of time in between children. That way, they are close enough in age to HOPEFULLY be really good friends, they aren't too far apart where they will never WANT to be friends, I feel i can most likely handle an infant and a 2 year old, and that way I will be done having kids at a young age, and have lots of time to spend with them :)
Ok, so 2 years apart means that I should be pregnant by February... ummm excuse me?! that sounds way too soon...

After "doing the math" i figured I really have to relax about this whole thing... that maybe it doesn't have to be like clock work, and i need to just let it happen when it feels right for my little family.
NOT because my calendar says so.
So maybe i will be pregnant in February.
Who knows.
But maybe It will take a few years, and thats ok too. Because right now, all i want to do is enjoy this sweet baby I have, and keep her a baby as long as possible.
Making her a big sister just about blows my mind at this point, and Im not quite really for that kind of mind blowing.

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  1. I totally know what you mean!
    I always planned on having 2 years between my kids, and when it came time that i'd have to be pregnant to have 2 years, I thought no way! I got pregnant when Becca turned 2, and I love the age difference:) You have to do what feels right for you though:)


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