Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I left Tenley for the first time a few weeks ago, when Adam and I went to Hawaii for 10 days.
it was bliss to get away with him and reconnect just the two of us, in a romantic place, doing things we haven't been able to do in a long time. My love for him grows more each day, and it was amazing to just be us again.

But leaving Tenley was insanely difficult.
We dropped her off at my sisters on Sunday night, then came home to our empty house where I looked around and cried.
Cried that she wasn't in her room fast asleep, and that I was going to miss the next 10 days of her life.

She is so special to me. She is a light in my life, and being without her seems so unnatural.
She makes me so happy, so proud- so full.
She has brought meaning to my life that I never knew existed.
When she came, something changed in me forever.

I have so much love for this little girl, and so many hopes and dreams for her.
I pray that she will know and love and serve God as she grows older. I cannot wait to see her chase her dreams.

Its safe to say that I don't want to leave her for a long time.
While being with Adam and no other distractions was wonderful, my heart is so full when the three of us are together.

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